Nagaland State Lottery Result

The Government of Nagaland’s State Lottery division will after a short time articulate the results for the Dear Falcon Evening Lottery today i.e., 19 September 2019. The result will be accounted for on the official site of Nagaland State Lotteries When the lottery results will be articulated, they will be moved on the official site and the ticket holders can check the result.

It is urged that the ticket holders cross-check the results from the results disseminated in the Nagaland Government Gazette. A while later, the individuals can ensure their prizes by filling a structure available on the site.

The chief prize champ will win Rupees 25.28 lakhs. The second and the third prize champs will win Rupees 9000 and Rupees 500 independently. There is in like manner prize money for the fourth and fifth champs which is Rupees 250 and Rupees 120. There will be an accidental honor of Rupees 1000.

The individuals should clearly fill all of the nuances including the name of the candidate, postal area, name of the lottery, prize entirety, PAN number, contact nuances, bank nuances like the A/c number, IFSC code, bank and branch name, a dropped check, etc. The individuals who have won certain prizes from the lottery are urged to keep their tickets fit as a fiddle as the Nagaland Government doesn’t allow prizes to obliterated or distorted ticket holders. According to the Nagaland law, any individual ensuring the prize for a hurt ticket can be sued in the authority courtroom.(The Quint will never again be on WhatsApp, inferable from changes in its methodologies as for news distributers. You would now have the option to get the latest news investigates our Telegram station. For handpicked stories reliably, become tied up with us on Telegram.)

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