Nagaland Lottery Result Today 20 September 2019

Dear Vulture Evening Lottery results will be announced today i.e., 20 September 2019. The Government of Nagaland’s State Lottery office proclaims the lottery result after the draw on its authority website. The Director of Nagaland State Lotteries will dispense Prize Money for acknowledged authentic cases subsequent to making a vital conclusion of Income Tax and so forth. The prize cash for various victors is Rupees 25.29 Lakhs for the primary prize, Rupees 9000 for the subsequent prize and Rupees 500 for the third. There are prizes for fourth and fifth prizes also. The prize cash for fourth and fifth champs is Rupees 250 and 120 separately.

Nagaland Lottery Result Today 20 September 2019

Lottery draws are led by the Nagaland State Department consistent schedule for week by week morning and night lotteries. The draw for morning lottery is directed at 11:55 am day by day though, for night lotteries, the draw is led at 8 pm. Prize cash payable to champs inside Nagaland is paid as check/through RTGS.

Champs can guarantee the prize cash by filling all the required data in the structure accessible on the site. They have to present the structure to the Director of Nagaland State Lotteries. Members must cross-check the lottery number first with the numbers distributed in the Nagaland Government Gazette.

The members who have won certain prizes from the lottery are encouraged to keep their tickets in decent shape as the Nagaland Government doesn’t grant prizes to destroyed or disfigured ticket holders. As indicated by the Nagaland law, any individual asserting the prize for a harmed ticket can be sued in the official courtroom.

Nagaland Lottery Result Today 20 September 2019

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